Despoblado de Vadillo


Located in the municipality of Cabezuela del Valle. It gets its name from its strategic location. It was buit in parallel to Camino Real de Extremadura.

 It was one of the largest villages of the centuries before the 15th century, even doubling the population to the rest of the settlements of the región. But since this century, a progressive demographic decline begins to the early 18th century with barely a dozen neighbours.

In the 17th century, it is also worth mentioning the existence of four brotherhoods (Benditas Ánimas, Hachas del santísimo, Veracruz y los Mártires), that disappeared after the report of the visitor of the Royal Court of Extremadura who recommended its disappearance. It became a lair for criminals, smugglers and disreputable people that finally ends up with the arrival of the French who destroyed everything.

In 1880, church is demolished. Today, the rest of the church consecrated to the Virgin of the Vado remains. It has a polygonal shape. It was built in a late Gothic style.  The tower is located separately from the temple, without roof, and there is a beautiful winding stone staircase just with a few steps.


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